Can 12 adderall kill you

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I have really bad acne and I want to know if their are any home remedies that can Can 12 adderall kill you treat it. thank you!! i do not know of any home remedies, but i do know and i use clean .
Best Answer: Either take just the dose prescribed to you or don't take it at all.

Can 12 adderall kill you

It is addictive and that is high seeking behavior to want to take it for more than .
One of the real payoffs for me with working at mindfulness was eliminating being upset about being upset. The non-judgmental observing has allowed me to realize that my .
Best Answer: Adderall will not kill you. However, Adderall may cause rapid heart beat along with jitteryness and some other symptoms. It really depends on .
Best Answer: The LD/50 of Adderall is 96.8 mg/kg. so if you weigh 55 kg or about 150 lbs, it would take 5324 mg of Adderall to kill you dead no questions asked .
Two questions about ADD medication, especially Adderall: 1) How dangerous is it (for me)? 2) Can it be taken "as needed"?

Depends on pill size in mg and type. Also supply avalible; if only one person you know can get them then you could up to $10 for a 10mg pill. Average cost for a 10mg pill .
Probably not. Don't try it though. The world won't be better without you suicide is not the answer.
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