Prevacid through gj tube

31. srpna 2011 v 19:55

This is a forum where parents can share and encourage one another of children with feeding issues or g/j tubes. Mommax3 6 posts G/J Tube/ Feeding Issues
My baby has been on Prevacid forever now, but I'm starting to wonder if it is at all actually Causing some of her vomiting and/or slow digestion?
From g-tube to gj-tube?: Well, long story short, we've been in the hospital for 4days now for vomiting. It's not gotten any better, and the docs have decided that DS.
Tube Feeding . I am thinking that the sodium bicarb in Allie's Zegerid is upsetting her stomach. If . Just a quick question. How does prevacid clog the tube .
Haileysmom, my grandson was 9months old when he got his micky button. He is now 15 months old and it has only been changed twice. The first time in the surgeons office .
For those of you who have children with g-j tubes, do you replace them on a schedule . My dd gj-tube get changed every three months.Its a schedule replacement,they .
How do I administer "sprinkles" of a given medication through a feeding tube? Sprinkles are clogging up the syringe or feeding tube - how do I get them through?
How far apart do I need to space Zantac & Prevacid? What happens if they are given . Prevacid ideally needs 30 minutes prior to feeds and other meds to work .
Purpose: An overview of enteral feeding tubes, drug administration techniques, considerations for dosage form selection, common drug interactions with .
I am new to the group. .hoping someone can help! My daughter had her Gtube removed in January (due to increased aspiration pnuemonia) and they placed a low profile .
Feeding Tube Awareness - has new content all the time. If you have suggestions for the site, please let us know! Prevacid through gj tube - General Information: My name is Traci Nagy and my son .
Obstructed Feeding Tubes: Incorrect medication administration may result in clogged feeding tubes, lower drug efficacy, increased adverse effects, or drug-formula .
Tube Feeding . Can anyone fill me in on Prevacid through gj tube exactly how a G/J works? Will they use her existing Gtube . i dont know exactly for a child, but i know for my patients .
I forgot to mention a few things. Like make sure

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