Will 200 mg of tramadol fuck you up

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Out of curiosity, How many of you use Tramadol to help stave off withdrawls and if so . I have used it before and it seems to work ok. I would take 2 tablets 4X a .
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Tramadol - 10 Things You Should Know Painkiller Associated With Decreased Side Effects. By Carol Eustice, About.com Guide. Updated July 22, 2011
What does Tramadol make you feel like, compared to Vicodin. Do you Will 200 mg of tramadol fuck you up get a feeling of euphoria with both. you are totally wrong and an f ing drug addict i take tramadol and .
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There are always dangers of OD, etc. But my question is are there any known interactions between cocaine and tramadol. SWIM has been

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